February 18, 2013
February 19, 2013
Monday, 2/18/13

   Chris Walker in the (new) house! 

Skill: Kipping Review, including (1) Hollow vs. Arch position on the floor, (2) Hip Pop on the floor, & (3) Hollow vs. Arch position on the bar. Final sets included practice of the kip to a pull-up attempt.

Met-Con: 4 x 1min Push Press (95/65, bar taken from the ground each time), 1min Box Step Overs, and 1min Windshield Wipers



  1. Steph says:

    Thanks for stopping in, Chris W! Hope to see you back more often!

    It was good to work on kipping, and it reminded me that I need to work on my calluses more often!

  2. Alex C. says:

    I really enjoyed the kipping review/practice.
    Metcon: 280 reps as Rxed (I wasn’t sure if LT and RT counted as one rep or two)
    Hit my first bar muscleup after class

  3. Katie says:

    Kipping felt good…I’m happy my calluses are building back up, since that was the limiting factor. No pull-up attempts until I regain some upper body strength.

    At dinner last night, I was talking about my day with my husband.
    Me: “We worked on kipping today. You remember what kipping is, right?”
    Him: “Yeah, it’s cheating.”
    Well…almost. :o)

    I used 43# for the metcon and the 12″ box. 53# felt heavy warming up and I knew with a 12 minute workout I shouldn’t go too heavy. A little disappointed about that, since I did 53# for G2OH ladder last week, but I suppose it was just an off day. I probably got around 12 presses the first round, 8 by the last. The key to this one was definitely quick transitions.

    The highlight of the metcon was Kathy (who is normally very quiet) yelling across the room during the last round, “Use your anger, Dave!!” Hahahaha. I love couples working out together! Andraea also showed off some great step aerobics moves.

    Congrats on the bar muscle-up, Alex! Hopefully you can put that to good use in the upcoming season.

  4. Sara says:

    Sorry I missed you Chris W. Hope to see you again soon.

    I did a set of 10 pull-ups for the first time in I don’t know how long. I think I put 73lbs on the bar for the metcon. I counted L/R on both the step-overs and Winshield wipers as 1 rep and finished with 150 reps total.