February 8, 2013
February 18, 2013

Wow, what an inaugural week! It’s hard to put into words the excitement we felt on our end finally – FINALLY – opening the doors on our new place. Of course, that doesn’t mean things got any easier, as you can tell by how regularly the blog was attended to this past week. However, we’ve gotten over the worst of the opening jitters, and are recommitting to our blog content. Things will change slightly from here on out, though. For one, we’re going to start posting the day’s workout the night before. This will change the structure of our posts just a bit, as we work to weave our daily workout posts in with our more informative and engaging posts that everyone is used to. To start things off, however, we wanted to recap our first week in the new space, beginning with the inaugural workout from Sunday,February 2.

The crowd for our first workout exceeded expectations, with over 30 people turning up to christen the place. The pull-up rig wasn’t quite in yet, so we brought out the barbells for a good old fashioned lesson in slinging weight around. Since this is CFDC, you know that’s probably going to involve squatting, Olympic lifting, or both. Sure enough, the crowd broke off into groups of 3 or 4 to work through 8 rounds of 1 Power Clean plus 1 Hang-Squat Clean. It was awesome to see so many bars moving around, and a great way to test the ability of the build-out to help muffle the noise and vibration. 
Just in case 8 rounds wasn’t enough though, the two movements were put together for a little cluster catastrophe. Working in groups of 3-4 people, each team worked their way through of 5 clusters and 13 burpees per partner, per round (the 5-13 combination coming from the year CFDC affiliated – 2005 – and the year we moved into our new home – 2013).
What a way to break in the new place. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help us override that new gym smell. That’s not say we didn’t try however. The following is a brief list of the week’s workouts that followed: 
Monday, 2/11 
Met-Con: 5min AMRAP, 2min Rest, 5min AMRAP of 10 Box Jumps (Step down only), 20 Sit-Ups, 30 DUs (Sub was 60 single skips and 3 burpees). The second 5min AMRAP had everyone start back at the beginning with box jumps, and try to repeat their score from the first round.
Tuesday, 2/12 
Strength: 5 rounds NFT of 5 Floor Press and 1 set of between 5-10 strict chin-ups. If you could knock off more than 10 strict chin-ups, the scale up was to chest-to-bar. If you couldn’t get 5 strict chin-ups, then the scaling called for as many strict as possible, with the remaining reps done with a band to complete 5 total. 
Met-Con: 5min AMRAP of 3 Clapping Push-Ups, 3 Plank-2-Squat, 3 Jump Squat, and 6 Alt. Lunges. Clapping push-ups were scaled to plyo push-ups, and lunges could be jumping or simply alternating. Serious quad burn! 
Wednesday, 2/13 
Skill: 4 x 3 Pausing Snatch Hi-Pull, where the pauses were made (1) just below the knee, (2) just above the knee, and (3) mid-to-upper thigh, and then finished off with an explosive high pull. 
Strength: 10-8-6-4-2 Front Squats 
Finisher: Core on the Floor Ladder for 6 minutes, where each athlete attempted to ladder up by 2 reps of dolphin push-ups, side bridge, side bridge on the opposite side, and then hip bridges. Of course, there was that pesky rule about not letting your knees or hips touch the ground as you transitioned from the dolphin to each side bridge.
Thursday, 2/14 
Strength: 8 rounds, done on the minute, of 3 Push Press followed by AMRAP unbroken strict-T2B 
Met-Con: 2min max calorie Row, 1min Rest, 2min max Burpees, 1min Rest, 2min max Side Hops(over & back equals 1 rep) 
Friday, 2/15 
Skill: TGU Review 
Strength: 4 x 6 TGU (3 per side, either in a row or alternating across all 6 reps) 
Met-Con: 30-20-10 OH Plate Lunge and Russian Twist 
Saturday, 2/16 
Skill: Split Jerk Review, including (1) dip by driving the knees forward only (chest upright), (2) feet move North-South AND East-West to create a more stable landing stance, and (3) Feet move equi-distant, with front knee over or behind the front foot (not past it) so that the torso is upright under the bar. 
Strength: 6 x 2 Split Jerk (weight taken from the rack, rather than cleaned off the floor) 
Met-Con: 12min Partner AMRAP of Ground-to-OH Ladder (increasing by 2reps each time), with 4 Pull-Ups and 6 Push-Ups between each set.
Sunday, 2/17 
After a week of work, we finally cycled back around to Sunday, and in the truest of CFDC fashion, we went heavy, and we went hard. 
Strength: 5 x 5 Back Squat 
Strength Assistance: 3 x 15 Band Pull-Aparts + 5-8 Straight-Legged Sumo Deadlifts 
Finisher: 5 x 30sec Hanging Scap Retraction Hold and 30sec Burpees 
We’ll do our best to get this week’s workouts uploaded the night before, although, obviously that didn’t apply to today (which will be posted shortly). Once again, thanks again for making our first week truly memorable gang, can’t wait to see what all the following weeks have in store.


  1. Katie says:

    Has it really only been a week?!? Feels like much longer than that! Let’s see if I can remember what I did this week…

    Sunday – woke up late so cheered on the brutal thruster/burpee workout!

    Monday – subbed jump squats for box jumps, and those were much worse! I’m glad the 12″ boxes are ready now. I managed to stay consistent with rounds.

    Tuesday – I believe I worked up to 53# on my last set of floor presses. They felt decent, it was just a matter of setting up properly. I sadly had to use the thickest band for my sets of 5 chin-ups…hopefully the shoulder/upper body strength will come back quickly!

    Wednesday – rest

    Thursday – push presses went well! A few cues by Sara and Steph to squeeze the glutes/stabilize at the top, but overall these felt strong. I stayed at 53# for all sets, and did knee raises instead of T2B. My abs felt those afterward!!

    Friday – rest

    Saturday – still getting comfortable with the split. My knee and hip were both bothering me which made these a little more challenging and less stable. We worked up to 57.4# (thanks to Mike for the small plates!). Kenna, Doron and I used 53# for the G2OH, doing cleans and jerks. I finished the round of 8.

    Sunday – rest. Mad about this since I wanted to do back squats and DLs.

  2. Steph says:

    It was a great first week! I managed to show up for all but the noon classes and it was awesome to see such a good turnout for the 1st week!

    Nice recap, Katie!