February 19, 2013
February 20, 2013
Wednesday, 2/20/13 

Skill: GHD Sit-Up Progression including seated incline holds, supine holds, modified ROM sit-ups, and full GHD sit-ups (8-15 reps at a time)

Met-Con: 5 rounds for time of 10 KB swings + 30 DUs



  1. Cam says:

    I should get in the habit of commenting.

    After many-a-jumprope my MetCon: 7:28(?) @28KG

  2. Alex C. says:

    GHD Situps = I like
    Metcon: in ?:?? w/ 28kg KB. I’m just glad I started stringing DUs together although I scaled in rounds 4 and 5 just so I wouldn’t still be at CFDC trying to complete the workout.

  3. Sara says:

    I enjoyed this class even if it was a bit lowkey.

    Alex I 2nd your thoughts on GHD Situps.

    I finished the metcon in 5:47. had a couple of trip-ups on the DUs.

  4. Dave Eckmann says:

    Restricted to Russian kb swings.
    28 kg and finished in 5:15

  5. ppetersan says:

    Good class. I was feeling some lower back strain with the GHD work so Chris suggested I go a little lighter with the KB. I used a 20kg KB and finished the WOD in 4:44 (I think).

  6. Katie says:

    I third Alex and Sara! Although I have a feeling I won’t be saying that when they come up in large quantities.

    Chris made a good point about GHD sit-ups…unlike other movements, you can always go back, and you’ll get yourself up somehow, but might be risking injury if you don’t do it well. Good to keep in mind, particularly for people like me with weird hip flexors.

    I NEED TO GET DOUBLE UNDERS. I finished in something like 8:30. The damn mountain climbers slow me down so much. I challenged myself and stuck with the 16 kg KB through all 5 rounds, getting as high as I could (about eye-level). It’s still a little heavy for me and I struggled to keep good form and stay on my heels on the swings.