March 12, 2013
March 14, 2013
Thursday, 3/14/13

Met-Con: Triple AMRAP

Start at any of the following blocks, perform a 7min AMRAP, then rest 3 minutes before rotating to the next block:

Block 1
7 minute AMRAP of 250 M. Row and 12 Push-Ups

3 minute rest

Block 2
7 minute AMRAP of 25 Double Unders and 12 KB Swings

3 minute rest

Block 3
7 minute AMRAP of 4 Pull-Ups, 8 Russian Twists, and 12 Alt OH Lunges w/ plate



  1. Sara says:

    Ok I will be the first to say this was fun. I started at the row/push-up. I finished with 4 rounds plus a row I believe. Then moved on the DUs/Swings. I struggled each round to get my DUs started. When they did they went well. I used a 24Kg for swings. I thought I grabbed a 35lb plate for russian twists and OH squats with the plate (sub for lunges), but it turned out to be a 45lb plate. The twists were very difficult.

    I really had fun with these metcons.

  2. Katie says:

    I agree with Sara, this was fun! I started strong on the first round with 75 single skips and 12 KB swings, and did well with 5 rounds and 10 singles. I used the 12 kg KB because I didn’t want to smoke my traps and infringe on the PR I’m going to get Saturday. OH lunges were the worst! I used a 15# plate for the lunges and twists and finished 6 lunges short of 4 rounds. On the rowing and push-ups, I was clearly tired, and finished 3 rounds plus a little rowing.

    Great workout! It’s fun to have some metcon-only days occasionally.