March 15, 2013
March 17, 2013
Sunday, 3/17/13

Skill: Muscle Up Prep

Prep 1 – Skin the cat
Prep 2 – FG Ring Row
Prep 3 – Band Muscle Up drill

Skill Strength: Muscle Ups or Muscle Up Replacement

4 Rounds of
2 minutes max Muscle Ups
2 minutes rest


4 Rounds of
1 minute max Pullups
1 minute rest
1 minute max Dips (Ring or box)
1 minute rest



  1. edgy reggie says:

    First time posting with the new web site in place.

    I did decent ring inversions which directly led to more confidence and the ability to perform a skin-the-cat for the first time (gives self a small pat on the back).

    Thanks to Coach for his excellent coaching. I still have some work to do with skin-the-cat (and pull-ups and ring dips), but I have come a long way thus far. Thanks also to Alex, Scott, Nathan, and Richard for the support during class.

    Of course, I did CrossFit Games Open workout 13.2 the day before. None of the individual components of the workout phased me. Putting them all together and continuously performing them for ten minutes? Different story. 🙂
    Thanks to everyone at CrossFit DC for the unwavering support.