March 24, 2013
March 26, 2013

Tuesday, 3/26/13

Strength: HSPU’s
12 minute HSPU ladder OTM
– reset @ 1 after any incomplete set
– scaling options: 1-2 wall walkers OTM or 4-6 Box scaled HSPU on the 2 min mark)

7 Min. AMRAP of
5 Push Press (M=135/W=95)
12 T2B (scale to 18 V-Ups)

3 rounds (NFT) of
15 Palloff presses/side
10-15 DB Floor Press (M=.5bw/W=.33bw)



  1. Alex C. says:

    Strength: 7-4-1
    Metcon: as Rxed 3 Rds + 8 T2B
    Finished: 3×10 w/ 40# DBs

  2. Andraea says:

    Love handstand push-up work cause I desperately need it. I was able to sneak away this afternoon to do it and i folded a yoga mat up to lower my head down on it. i made it to 5 until I had to reset.

    I had to scale the push press, since there’s no rack here I had to clean it so I did 85lbs instead. Actually I think I could’ve cleaned the 95lbs but push pressing it would’ve been the difficulty. 85lbs was feeling heavy today. I made it 3 rounds.

    Palloff side press? Wasn’t sure, is that when you lay on your side and press hips up and down? That’s what I did with my feet on a medicine ball. Used 25lb DBs for the floor press.

  3. Cam says:

    HSPU – crashed on 8 then completed 4.

    Met con: 115# 4rds + 5/9 t2b

    45# db floor press

  4. Dave Eckmann says:

    With two ab mats was able to do two hspu, got one more on the next round and then failed. First time I think I’ve been able to do those. Moved on to wall walks for the rest of the time.

    Decided to take it a little easy on my shoulder and did 95# on the push press. Did one round of toes to bar, but thought it better to use my time to do as many v-sits as possible for other rounds. Got 3 complete and all the push presses on the 4th round.

    50# per hand for the floor press.

    Busted capillaries all over my face. Yay going upside down!

  5. Steph says:

    Andraea, that is awesome! Look at you! I am very impressed 🙂

    Used 2 ab mats today and in hindsight, should’ve done 1 ab mat to work on my range of motion. Next time.

    Metcon was really rough today. Couldn’t push away for the T2B and could only get sets of 3s and 2s after the first round. Lame performance. Got 3 rounds plus 5 pp plus 7 t2b.

  6. Sara says:

    Well HSPUs another one of my weaknesses. Luckilly I really like working weaknesses as much as – sometimes even more than – strengths (with the exception of running when its greater than 100m sprints). I started with strict HSPUs, got to 2 reps and fell off the wall on my 3rd rep of the third round. I stuck with strict when I was back at 1. moved to kipping at 2 but didn’t have much more sucess there. I was getting 1 or 2 reps at a time but not quite finishing the 3rd each time I got to that set of 3. I have been stuck with 2-3 reps max for a while. Maybe next time I will try with my hands on plates and going to an abmat but I am not sure that will make a difference.

    I went with 95lbs on the metcon. finished 4 full rounds plus presses and 7 T2B. Presses felt better than they usually do but the T2B were slow. kept coming off the bar and had difficulty raising my legs. they felt pretty dead today.

    I used a blue band for the palloff presses and then 35lb DBs for the floor presses. All the while doing the floor presses I was eying Devon with jealousy because she got to sub pendlay rows (one o my favoite movements) for the floor presses.

    Andraea – Nice work on the HSPUs and you are not alone in pulling the bar from the floor. we all had to do that as well. Here is a video of the palloff press.

    You will probably recall that we usually do them by tying a band to a rack or partnering up and where one partner holds the band while the other presses.

  7. Andraea says:

    Thanks Sara for the video of the pallof press! At least I worked the same muscle group but with a different exercise!

    Steph I too was trying to lower my head further on HSPU to work on range of motion.

  8. Katie says:

    Did the HSPUs from a box. I tried to keep my elbows in, but it’s pretty tough! 4 per round were enough for me.

    Finished 2 V-ups short of 4 rounds. Those V-ups are a killer, wow!

    I used 20# DB for the floor presses. I thought I might have to go down to 15# on the last set, until I remembered to arch my back and get a wider stance with my feet. Much easier! I managed 10 per round.

  9. Katie says:

    Oh, and I used 43# for the push presses. My shoulders were feeling tight, which was making them feel tougher than usual — I think the sets actually became easier as I went. Gotta work on shoulder mobility since I’m getting all swole now.