March 28, 2013
March 30, 2013
Friday, 3/29/13

CLASS OPTION A (for those not doing the Open workout on Saturday)

5 minutes single skips
3 x 5 Hanging Scap Retraction, 5 Divebomber Push-Ups, Squat Walk right 5 steps, Squat Walk left 5 steps

15 min AMRAP
5 Pull-Ups
10 DB Renegade Rows (5 Rows per side, Alternating, with Push-Up)
25 Double Unders (scale to 60 Skips + 30 High Knees)

2-3 sets of GHD Hip Extension (8-10 reps at a time)

CLASS OPTION B (for those who are doing the Open workout on Saturday)

Row 500m, then
3 x 5 Pause Squats, 10 Spider Lunges, 5 Alt-T Push-Ups/side, 10 Rolling Split Straddles, 30sec Wrist Stretch on the floor.

2min Death Stretch/side (2 x 30sec chest up, 30sec chest down)

With PVC:
2 x 10 Wrist Rotors/side, 5 Dislocates, 5 Samson Lunges (PVC held overhead, 2 count at the bottom of the lunge)

3min Band Lat/Tri Stretch (90sec/side)

With the bar:
2 x 10 Back Squats, 5 BTN Push Jerk; then
3 x 3 Pause Clean Extensions + 3 Hang Hi Pulls + 3 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Push Jerk

Two times through:
2min supine Bully drill (no partner); followed by,
2min Chair Prayer stretch



  1. Charles says:

    WOD: 5 completed rounds + one more through the pull-ups & RR’s (w/25 lb db’s). The surreal part after that: the three of us in class doing GHD hip ext, but mostly watching Devon and Tex across the gym crush 13.4.

    Also, hat tip to Lauren for showing me that you don’t kick your feet back on double unders…but rather just jump higher (Homer Simpson “d’oh”).