March 30, 2013
March 31, 2013
Sunday, 3/31/13

Strength: Back Squat
10 (bar)-10-8-8-5-5

Met-Con: Partner Ladder 
1 to 10 reps of Russian swing & Push-Up hold 
– (scale up push-up hold to rings)

3 Rounds (NFT) of
8-12 single leg KB DL/leg;
8-12 single leg hip bridges/side (heel on box); and,
band pullaparts (near max reps)



  1. Alex C says:

    Back Squats to 245#
    Partner Metcon in 5:47 w/ 36kg KB (yeah 36KG!)

  2. Katie says:

    Quite a tiring class! I worked up to 73# on my last set of 5 squats. It felt okay but I need to train my body to not let the hips rise early by default.

    After a lot of thinking by Chris, I subbed one-armed snatches (20#) for the KB swings due to my lower back hurting a little. Kathy and I finished in about 7:10.

    25# KB for the DL…had trouble keeping balance. The low box was quite enough for the hip bridges, those burned nicely!

    Well done to everyone on 13.4! It is such a pleasure to watch the incredible efforts by CFDC athletes. You all inspire me to be better!