April 3, 2013
April 5, 2013
Friday, 4/5/13

CLASS OPTION A (for those not doing the Open workout on Saturday)

Hall to wall spider crawl
10 hips to wall
10 Rolling split straddles
Hall to wall spider crawl
30 Band Good Mornings
10 Rolling split straddles

5 x 5 Floor Press + 5 Pendlay Row

For Time, complete
30 DB Russian Twists
30 Lateral Vaults
10 DB Burpees

20 DB Russian Twists
20 Lateral Vaults
10 DB Burpees

10 DB Russian Twists
10 Lateral Vaults
10 DB Burpees

CLASS OPTION B (for those who are doing the Open workout on Saturday)

Hall to Wall Spider Crawl
Hall to Wall Butt Kickers
Hall to Wall High Knees
Hall to Wall Straight Leg Swings
Hall to Wall Spider Crawl

3 x
10 Scorpions
10 Toad Squats
10 Rolling split straddles
10 Supine Scorpions

2 x
1 min Ankle Mobility Squat w/ Barbell on Knees
3 min Calf Roll on Barbell (~90sec/side)

3min Couch(Death) Stretch/side
(2 x 45 seconds Chest Up + 45 seconds Chest Down)

2-3min Foam Roll Back (lower, then upper)
2-3min Hip Crossover
2-3min Band Resisted Lat/Tri Stretch from the low post (band around wrist) OR pull-up bar (band around elbow/tricep)

Shoulder Pre-Hab:
2 rounds/side of
– 10 External/ Cross-Body Rotations
– 10 Internal/Cross-Body Rotations
– 10 External/Reverse Pitching Rotations
– 10 External/Straight-Arm Cross-Body Sweeps
– 10 Scap Touches

Roll out all other sore points, especially:
– upper back/shoulders/scapula/lats
– glutes/hip flexors/quads/ITB/



  1. Steph says:

    Fun workout! Thanks to Dave D. for partnering with me! I really liked the lateral vaults. Something different! Also good to have some more strength back into the program!

  2. Sara says:

    Looked like a fun class. Mobility session was great too. sad I missed the pendlay rows.

  3. Katie says:

    SUCH a fun class!! I went home and was completely spent. I love that feeling!

    I worked up to 58# on the floor presses…my armpits were a little sore from Thursday’s push presses. Worked up to 73# on the Pendlay rows. I really like those!

    The metcon killed me but was awesome. The lateral vaults were a lot of fun! I struggled to find a good grip on the DB for the twists, but managed through them. Instead of picking up the DB for the burpees, I left them on the floor and did (or attempted) a push-up. I finished in 9 minutes something. Thanks to everyone in the speed-demon 6:30 class for pushing me, I definitely would have rested if you all hadn’t been pushing me to finish!

    Really awesome, creative, and tiring. I loved it.