April 6, 2013
April 8, 2013
Monday, 4/7/2013

4 x 8-10 Ring Rows
– 1st set: strict
– 2nd set:“True supine” with feet on box
– 3rd set: Add False Grip
** hold at level of progression that is challenging but proficient **

Met-Con Prep:
4 Minutes single skips, w/ 5 Squat jumps every 30 seconds
2 x 10 single leg calf raises w/ negative each side

5 Rounds for time of
45 DUs
30 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
15 Box Jumps (step down only)
(20 Minute cutoff)



  1. Katie says:

    It was good to go back to doing some ring rows, I haven’t done those in a while since I’ve been able to do band pull-ups. I stuck with normal ring rows and just moved my feet to make it more/less challenging as needed.

    Great metcon! I think I finished in just under 16 minutes. Sit-ups and single skips are great, like active rest for me. Chris noticed I was doing weird things with my right leg on box step-ups so lowered the box for me. I need to be more aware of keeping my hips and leg squared up.

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Did this yesterday, definitely a burner. One nice thing about the Open was that it makes you do things you might otherwise scale. Box Jumps are a movement I’d often give myself an easier option on (step ups, lower height etc.), so I stuck with 24″ on this one.

    Finished 4/5 rounds of DUs unbroken, all situps unbroken, and still barely managed to finish within time cap. Shows how slow and broken the jumps were, but thats why it was important to do them.