April 13, 2013
April 15, 2013
Monday 4/15/13

3 rounds:
5 hanging scap retractions, 10 scorpions,
5 dive bomber pushups, 10 rolling split straddles

15 Minute block of
(A) total max strict chin-ups
(B) total max strict HSPU
(moderate sets, sub failure, to attempt max total reps within the 15-minute time frame)

3 x 3 min AMRAP / 3 minute rest of
6 DB Push Press, 6 DB thrusters, and 12 burpees
(begin each subsequent round where the previous round ended)
(Rx’d = women: total DB weight up to 1/3 bodyweight; men: total DB weight up to 1/2 bodyweight)

Lat/Shoulder stretch with band attached to a pull-up bar (thumb rotating out; band around wrist; step back into lunge on the same side).



  1. Katie says:

    For anyone worried about Dave L., a friend of his posted on his Facebook wall that he is okay! Such a relief.

  2. Katie says:

    I got to 68 with band pull-ups and HSPUs on a box. Still working to keep my elbows in on the HSPUs.

    I used 15# DB (on the light side due to earlier chiro appointment), and subbed one-armed snatches instead of thrusters. Since the weights were light, I felt like all I did was burpees during this workout! Good times. I finished 4 rounds and 18 reps…I was a little mad I had to do 6 burpees because I was trying to time it so I just finished the presses and snatches. :o)

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