April 14, 2013
April 16, 2013
Tuesday 4/16/13

3 minutes single skips

3 Rounds of
– 10 scorpion
– 10 supine scorpion

2 minutes single skips

3 Rounds of
– 10 spider lunges
– 10 superman

Prep Sets 1:
3 x 2 Drag & Clean Hi-Pull
(1st w/ bar, 2nd w/ light weight, 3rd set w/ moderate weight)

Prep Sets 2:
10 minutes to work up to single moderately-heavy power clean (~80-85% of max power clean)

Work Sets:
10 x 2 Hang Power Clean on the minute

3 x 20 OH plate Sit-Ups (NFT)



  1. Katie says:

    It’s always good to work on cleans under Sara’s watchful eye! I didn’t go too heavy, worked up to 58# during the 10 minutes, and started there for the sets, then went down to 53# because I felt a little hip twinge.

    I haven’t been getting a good “scarecrow” position recently, the bar has been coming too far forward on cleans and snatches recently — I think tight/crunchy shoulders may be partly to blame. I also focused on trying to launch the bar from higher on my thigh, as usual. I think I’m starting to improve on that.

    I have a bad habit of underestimating the “NFT Finishers”. It’s not a metcon, so how bad could it be? So foolish! I worked with Ann and used the 15# plate. The first 5 reps were easy, then got expotentially tougher until I was struggling and had to rest a little during sets.