April 15, 2013
April 17, 2013
Wednesday 4/17/13

Hall to Wall Inchworm; then,
3 x 15 pause squats, 30 second Samson stretch/side, 15 hip bridges, & 15 hips to wall

8-8-6-6-4-4 Deadlift* + Max Time Hollow Hold/set
(*Pause @ at the top of extension and on the floor for each rep)
– max Hollow Hold after each round (up to 30 seconds max, begin with 1 knee in, and scale up to both legs extended, or scale down to both knees in).

40-30-20-10 of Windshield Wipers and Lateral Hurdles
– hurdles over PVC or Ab Mat tipped on its side edge (over & back = 1rep)

Band Resisted Hamstring Stretch Series
– 1 minute straight up
– 1 minute to outside (band in same side hand)
– 1 minute across body (band in opposite side hand)
– repeat on other side


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