April 21, 2013
April 22, 2013
Monday, 4/22/13

warm up:
2 minutes single skips
calf stretch against rack 30 seconds each side

3 Rounds
5 Dive bomber pushups
10 Spider Lunges
15 Band GMs

2 minutes single skips
calf stretch against rack 30 seconds each side

Incremental Partner Met-Con:

5 Plank to Squat
10 Box Jumps
15 KB Swings
20 OH Plate Sit-ups
25 KB Goblet Squats
30 KB Lunges (15 each side, KB held at rack, goblet style or by side)

Partner A does 5 P2S
B does 5 P2S
A Does 5 P2S+10 BJ
B Does 5 P2S+10 BJ
A Does 5 P2S+10 BJ+15 KB Swings
B Does 5 P2S+10 BJ+15 KB Swings
A Does 5 P2S+10 BJ+15 KB Swings+20 OH Plate situps, etc, etc.

Post metcon mobility
2 minutesWall hip stretch (ankle across knee) each side
1 minute spinal twist each side
1 minute forward bend w/ hips supported against the wall (fold arms, let upper body hang, press palms on knees to come up).



  1. Sara says:

    A great long workout. I partnered with Tess which was great because it’s been ages since I’ve seen her. (it is nice to see different people when randomly dropping in for the noon class). I choose my kettlebell based on what I could swing well (24kg). I neglected to factor in the goblet squats and (step-ups in place of lunges). I had to use a different KB for the step-ups (20kg). I started with a 35lbs plate for the OH plate sit-ups but realized that I had to pause so many times during the first set I dropped down to a 25lb plate.

  2. Steph says:

    Chris paired me up with James, whom is pretty fast and whom I don’t know very well, so I couldn’t sandbag it and had to kill myself to keep up. That evil coach.

    It was a fun workout though. I used a 16kg kb and 25lb plate.

    I think we finished in 23:40. I rested a lot on my last round of goblet squats.