April 28, 2013
April 30, 2013
Tuesday 4/30/13

5 x 3 HSR, 6 band rows, 12 scorpion, 24 Mtn Climbers

20 Minute AMRAP
Max unbroken chin-ups*
100 single skips
10 burpees
100 single skips
*Chinup grip only, kipping allowed. Scaled to max of 10 Band assisted chinups

– 2min/side Resistance Band Shoulder Distraction (band around the pull-up bar);
– 1min/side Shoulder/Lat Stretch w/ Resistance Band



  1. Steph says:

    A good grinder to get the sweat going. Lost count of how many rounds I did. Chin-ups weren’t great today, only got 5 on the first round and then went to 4s and 3s, 2 on the last round. Having the burpees in there made things much harder. When I first saw the workout I was like “maybe I can do DUs instead.” HA! That thought disappeared as soon as we started the first round.

    Nice work 6am and 7am!