May 19, 2013
May 20, 2013
Monday 5/20/13

3 x 12 spider lunges, 3 Four Count Dive Bomber Push-Ups*, 12 scorpions, and 3 plank to squat

*start in Dive Bomber position; reach Lf foot under body to Rt hand and then back, then Rt foot to Lf hand and back; reach Rt hand back to Lf foot, then Lf hand back to Rt foot; finish w/ a traditional dive bomber push-up.

Skill: TGU
1 x unweighted/side;
3 x 10 alt. reps (5/side)

2 min single skips, right into:

12 Min AMRAP of
30 DU*
10 Pull-Ups**
 * scale to 60 single skips & 20 mtn climbers
 **scale to 5 band assisted pull-ups or 10 ring rows

Rest 2 minutes

6 min AMRAP of
15 ab-mat sit-ups
5 HR push-ups



  1. Steph says:

    A sweat fest of a workout today! It was good cuz I needed to sweat some of the pizza and cookies I had last night out!

    Had two big morning classes, which was great!

    Congrats to Simone, Cortavia, and John for finishing Elements and joining regular classes!