May 25, 2013
May 26, 2013
Sunday, 5/26/13

Warm up:
10 Alt Samson Lunges
20 standing torso rotations
10 Alt Straight Leg floor touches (aka bird pickers)
20 arm circles forward (10 L, 10 R)
10 lunge and twist
20 arm circles backwards (10 L, 10 R)
Finish with 20 opposite direction arm circles- 10 and 10 (one arm forward, one back)

KB H2H drills
Light KB, can run in groups of 2-3
-Around the world
-figure 8
-hot potato

putting them together in a sequence
Twice through each person:
2 Rounds
4x figure 8
4 x RTW
uppercut to reverse direction

swing variations
-double arm w/ hand release (standard Russian swing w/ release at top)
-flip ( as above, flip bell handle under, and catch into downswing)
single arm
-basic single keeping scap back)
-single arm w/ switch (release at top and transfer hands)
single arm w/ flip and switch

Walking swings
hip snap drives bell, steps follow

Bearcrawl (requires double KBs)
OH Carry
Rack carry
Farmers carry


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