Thursday 6/20/13
June 19, 2013
Saturday, 6/22/13
June 21, 2013
Friday 6/21/13

3 rounds of

3 Inch Worm in Place
6 Superman
6 Supine Scorpion
6 Single-Leg Hip Bridge (3/leg)
12 Band Pull-Aparts

10-5-5-3-3-3-(Max Rep) CG Floor press
Work up to near max triple, lower weight %20 for one set of max reps (still close grip, still light touch, and still pausing on the floor!)

3 Rounds NFT
10-15 Single Arm DB/KB Row/arm
Rest 1min b/t sets

4 stations, 3 minutes at each:
Box Prayer
Wall split
Big Band Down Dog


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