Wednesday, 7/3/13
July 2, 2013
Schedule Announcement: July 4th (UPDATED!)
July 4, 2013
Happy July 4th!
2 x
25 Jumping Jacks
15 Squats
5 Bird-Dogs/side
20 High Knees
10 Spider Lunges
5 Superman w/ Arm Retraction
4th of July Partner WOD
Stars & Bars
– Bar Weights = M:135/115/95/65; W:93/73/63/53
– All runs done as a pairs 
 – – (both leave at the same time, may not start the next exercise until both have returned)
– All barbell work done as total reps among the pair
– All bodyweight work to be evenly split between the pair
400m Run
76 S2OH
76 Partner Med-Ball Sit-Ups
 – (partners lock feet, ball passes from one to the other & must touch the floor OH)
400m Run
76 HP Cleans 
76 Partner-Tag Push-Ups
 – (1 person does a push-up, partner holds plank, touch hands at the top, and switch)
400m Run
76 BB Lunges {bar in the front rack position, & each step=1rep, so 38/person and 19/side}
76 BB-Handoff Burpees
 – (1 person holds BB while other does burpees, then must switch the bar without putting it down)
400m Run

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