Thursday, 7/4/13
July 3, 2013
Friday, 7/5/13
July 4, 2013

Thursday, 7/4 (Independence Day!) – We will be running two classes only for the day: 9am and 10am. Expect a special workout befitting CFDC’s traditional thematic holiday beatdowns.
Open Invitation to all Gym Members for 4th of July BBQ
You’re sure to be hungry after the workout we have planned, and coming to the rescue are members David Blake and Ethan Smith, who have graciously extended an open invitation to the entire CFDC community to attend their 4th of July BBQ – check it out:

Just wanted to give you the deets for our 4th of July party. We’d love to extend the invitation to the entire gym. We haven’t gotten a chance to meet everyone yet and this would be a great opportunity to do so. Here’s the pitch: 

We are smoking:
– 8 pork shoulders (45# or 20.4kg)
– 9 full racks of spare ribs (33# or 15kg)

We will also have:
– Paleo coleslaw
– Paleo sweet potato casserole
– 3 kegs (1 is a cider keg. No gluten. Tons of residual sugars)
– Cornhole
– Positive attitudes
– Appropriate music
– Erg sprints

We ask that guests:
– Wear red, white and blue (Err on the side of too much)

No need to bring anything. Bring a side or more booze if you feel obligated. We’ll have a donation jar if you want to throw us a few bones.


Friday, 7/5 – the 6am class has been cancelled, but we will resume our normal schedule from 7am onwards (so, classes at 7am, Noon, 5:30pm and 6:30pm).

Saturday, 7/6 – the Mid-Atlantic Affiliates for CrossFit Hope for Cures, benefiting St. Jude’s Research Hopsital, will take place from 7am to 2pm on the National Mall. Some of your coaches and fellow athletes have already signed up — to join in, or simply find out more, visit & However, we will still be running our normally scheduled 10am and 11:30am classes, as well as open gym time, per the usual.

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