Wednesday July 10
July 10, 2013
Friday July 12
July 12, 2013

3 rounds of
10 Alt Samson Lunges
10 Supine Scorpion
30 Mountain Climbers


Partner band resisted ankle mob

Met-Con – “Big Gulp
3 rounds of 2 min On/1 min Off per exercise:
Row for max calories
Double Unders
Alt. Single Leg Floor Touch /OR/ Pistols
Med-Ball Throw Sit-Ups*

* Med-Ball Throw Sit-Ups done with ab-mat and feet anchored roughly 3 feet away from the wall; begin laying down with a med-ball of appropriate weight overhead touching the floor, and then sit-up, lofting the ball from the overhead position against the wall and catching it before laying back down.

2 x 60 seconds Death Stretch each side (:30/:30 quad/hip flexor emphasis)
60 seconds calf stretch, leg locked, 60 seconds knee bent, each side

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