Saturday August 3
August 6, 2013
Monday August 5
August 6, 2013

50-40-30-20-10 Jumping Jacks with 5-4-3-2-1 Dive Bomber Push-Ups


3 rounds of
5 Hanging Scap Retractions
10 Alt Bird Dog Planks (5 per side)
20 Dead Bugs (10 per side)

Two rounds through each (done in 7 minute blocks)
A) 3 attempts max reps HSPU /OR/ max HS hold, with 1-2 minute rest between attempts;
B) 3 attempts at max unbroken rep Double Unders*, with 1-2 minutes rest
* don’t count any set less than 10 or 1/4 your DU PR

Partner 400 M Overhead carry relay (heavy, ~ 70% strict press)
– Partner A begins carry as far as possible with 2xDB or KB locked out overhead. Sets them down and waits until caught by B.
– Partner B begins with 400+ M Run (follow loop until they get to wherever A has carried DB/KBs.
– A and B trade places and continue, switching roles until 400M OH carry is complete.
– Runner carries medball entire way.

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