Thursday August 8
August 7, 2013
Saturday August 10
August 9, 2013
3 Rounds of

3 inchworm in place
6 hips to wall

– then,

3 Rounds of
6 PVC dislocates
12 bootstrappers

Workout Prep
Pendlay Row review (explosive barbell row from the floor, let it fall to the floor after each row)

1 x 10 Pendlay Rows at light weight;
1 x 8 at light-moderate weight;
1 x 5 at moderate weight

5 rounds of
5 Pendlay Rows (work at challenging weight but all reps explosive, weight can be same across sets or slightly ascending weight)

5 DB Manmakers (pu/row/pu/row/clean/press/press=1)
2 min rest
– Pendlay Rows should be a moderately heavy weight, challenging, but not so heavy that the reps stop being explosive, or that the athlete starts heaving with their torso. May add weight as able/desired, or may remain at the same weight across all sets.
– DB Man-maker = 1 Single Arm Row, 1 Push-Up, 1 Single Arm Row with opposite arm, 1 Push-Up, 1 DB Clean, 1 Single Arm Press (strict press, push press, or jerk) & lower, 1 Single Arm Press with opposite arm & lower = 1 REP

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