Friday August 16
August 15, 2013
Sunday August 18
August 17, 2013

3 Rounds of
10 Alt-T Push-Ups
10 Hip Bridges
10 Supine Scorpions
10 Dead Bugs

TGU’s  8-6-4-2
-alternating arms, working up in weight

Strength – Floor Press
Prep: 10 w/ bar, 5 light, 5 moderate
Work: 5 x 5
– follow  each working set with:
10-15 Band Pull-Aparts + 10-15 Hollow Rocks

Partner Met-Con
* Each pair starts with 1 Barbell loaded to ~2/3 Push Press 1RM

4min max Pull-Ups while one partner holds BB locked overhead
1min rest
3min max Push Press while one partner hangs from Pull-Up bar (scaps retracted).
1min rest
2min max Burpees while one person holds bar in DL lockout position (double overhand grip only)
1min rest
1min max Push-Ups while one partner holds Front Leaning Rest (push-up plank) on bar or floor.
– Partners can switch positions at any time, and as often as they like.
– Reps are cumulative total for both partners.
– Only reps done while partner is in static hold position count.
– – Pullup scaling: ring rows- bands-Rx-CTB

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