2013 CrossFit DC Smackdown Registration

Tuesday September 3
September 2, 2013
Wednesday September 4
September 3, 2013
Registration for 2013 CrossFit DC Smackdown is now OPEN!


Registration for the Smackdown will run from today (Tuesday, Sept. 3rd) until 12-Noon, Monday, Sept. 16th (all teams must be paid in full by Monday the 16th).

Entry Fees are $5/person (or, $20/team). To make things a little easier on your poor, overworked coaches, we’re asking that the entry fees (cash or check) be collected by one person on the team and then submitted together as a lump sum.

Speaking of payment, where’s the money going? This is a great question, and one we are all too happy to answer.  Half of the entry fees collected will help cover the cost of the new equipment we’ll be debuting at the Smackdown (those of you missing out on the competition, don’t worry – this gear will quickly find its way into our daily programming) The other half of the entry fees, plus any additional donations, will be given to the Wounded Warrior Project on behalf of CrossFit DC. We are really excited to give back to those who give so much for us, especially considering how many members of the military can be found within our own gym walls. As such, we are asking that teams pay either by cash or check (we’d like to skip CC payments this time around, so nothing gets taken off the top – this means more money to donate). Additional donations for the Wounded Warrior Project will gladly be accepted up through the day of competition. Alternatively, you may make the jump to the WWP website, and donate directly via the “Donate Now” button on the right hand side of the page (especially if you’d like to donate in honor or memory of an injured or fallen soldier).

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All Set to Register? Here’s what you do:

  1. Designate a team representative;
  2. Have your team representative register the team via the 2013 CrossFit DC Smackdown Registration Page – Necessary registration information includes (A) The Team Name(B) First and Last names of both male teammates; (C) First and Last names of both female teammates
  3. Finally, have your team representative (or a newly appointed team treasurer!) collect your entry fees to be submitted in person at the gym at your earliest convenience.

2013 CrossFit DC Smackdown Registration

Event Details

  • What: 2013 CrossFit DC Smackdown
  • When: Saturday, September 21st (from 9am to ~5pm)
  • Where: CrossFit DC, both inside…and out….
  • Who: Coed Teams of 4 (2 guys, 2 girls), with a limit of 15 teams
  • Why: Why Not?! We’re out to prove that competition can be fun and friendly, while also serving to inspire all of us to new CrossFit goals. As such, we’ll have prizes not just for the Top Team, but also for the best show of Team Spirit (including uniform, cheer, slogan, mascot, etc.)

Workout Details

  • 4 workouts for each team, plus a 5th & final workout for the top 5 teams;
  • 2 of the Workouts will be for the whole team, while the other 2 workouts will involve 1 guy & 1 girl from each team (unsurprisingly, it must be a different pair for each of these workouts);
  • The workouts will be made-up of accessible movements (everyone can complete every workout!), and will be of relatively short duration (don’t expect any 15min grinders, at least not for the first 4 workouts…);
  • Scoring for workouts will be on a scaled system, so no matter what weight you need to use, you will be able to contribute to your team!);
  • Ranking will be based on where a team places in a workout, and the 5 teams with the highest rankings will move on to the final workout (i.e., if a team comes in first place in a workout, they get 1 point; thus, four first place finishes would give a team a total of 4 points, which would rank them in 1st place overall);
  • The first 4 workouts could be announced as early as Wednesday, Sept. 18th (of course, you could always continue to check the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter for hints and teasers up until then). The final workout, however, will remain a surprise until the day of the competition;
  • Judging will be done coaches & asst coaches, all of whom will be looking for the basic standards for each exercise (READ: full Range Of Motion!)

Questions? Feel free to ask away in the comments. Also, If you’re still in need of a team, feel free to leave your name and e-mail either in the comments section, or on the white board in the gym (in the hallway). We will do everything in our power to see that everyone who wants to participate gets a chance to.

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