Wednesday September 11
September 10, 2013
Friday September 13
September 12, 2013

4 minutes single skips
2 rounds
16 spider lunges
12 superman w/ arm retraction
8 Hanging scap retraction

3 Rounds, with 2min of work followed by 1min of Rest per exercise:

  1. Max Cal Row
  2. Max Reps, Ladder Style, of C2B Pullup and HR Push-Ups (scale to 5 Band Assisted or Ring Rows PLUS 5 Push-Ups)
  3. Max Double Unders (scale to 10 Mountain climbers PLUS 40 single skips)
  4. Plank Hold

90sec/side Overhead Band Stretch with External Rotation (BaSL p.258)
90sec/side Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch (knee down)

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