Sunday September 15
September 14, 2013
Tuesday September 17
September 16, 2013

3 Rounds of
5 Walk-to-Pike (1/2 inchworm, without moving the hands)
10 Hip-to-Wall
10 Spider Lunge w/ Same Side Reach-Up (forward leg side arm extends up, twisting across torso, not opening torso up)

Skill – “Short Arc” KB Swings
2 x 5 bent arm swings (chest/chin height, arms bent)

– Keys to Going OH w/ the short arc swing:

  • pull apart handle to maintain vertical bell
  • punch up to OH, but don’t lift with the shoulders
  • hips move back faster (than normal swing) as bell lowers

2 x 5-10 short arc swings to OH

Met Con
10 rounds, each OTM, alternating between:

A) 10 KB Swings (short arc style, but may scale to American, or further scale to Russian)
B) 10 Spider Planks

3min Band Resisted Hamstring Series/side (1min/position)
Leg Straight Up
Leg to the Side
Leg across the Body

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