Saturday September 21
September 20, 2013
Monday September 23
September 22, 2013


5 Rounds of
7 Pause Squats
3 Reverse Hand Push-Ups
1min Standing Band Lat/Tri Stretch/side
1min Hip Flexion w/ External Rotation/side

Strength – Front Squat (35 min cap)

Prep Sets:
1 x 10 w/ bar,
1 x 5 light wt,
1 x 5 moderate wt

Work Sets:
– All work sets should be challenging. 2nd and 3rd triple may be at same weight as first, or slightly higher.

Working in Teams of 4, complete for time:
100 Box Jumps (step down only – may have 2 people alternate steps)
100 Partner-Pass Med-Ball Sit-Ups (same ball as WB, each situp w/ ball counts as 1, “non ball” partner does not need to do SU, switch at will)
100 Wall Ball (switch at will, only 1 ball+station)
100 HR Push-Ups (one person working at a time)

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