Monday September 23
September 22, 2013
Wednesday September 25
September 24, 2013



3 rounds
40 steps Running Wall Drill
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Band Good Mornings (light)
10 Alt Samson Lunges


(A) Run 1200 M for time (3 x 400M loop);

Rest AT LEAST 1min, and then start Part B on the next 2min mark (e.g., 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, etc.);

(B) 6 x 4min Rounds of

200m Shuttle Run
5 Ball Slams
5 Burpees*
Rest remainder of time

* Burpees and ball slams can be done in either order
** Sub for running: 1200m Row, followed by 250m per round during Part B

90 seconds death stretch each side (:45/:45 quad/ hip flexor emphasis)

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