2013 Smackdown in Review

Wednesday September 25
September 24, 2013
Thursday September 26
September 25, 2013


Wow, what a weekend – what a Smackdown! It was exhilarating watching members engage with other members they may not usually see or be in class with, or even those they may have only just met. The energy, exertion, and interactions were awesome to be a part of. So many members from so many backgrounds giving up an entire Saturday to get together. Maybe it’s hokey, maybe it’s trite, but for us, Saturday’s Smackdown really wasn’t about the final results or who did better than who. It was about the involvement. It was about having as many members as possible having fun while competing – getting to experience that unique feeling of having the team next to you working like mad to beat you one second, and then turning around to cheer you on the next. It’s this sort of friendly devotion that makes CrossFit DC what it is.

From the beginning, we never wanted to operate a normal gym – not even a “normal” CrossFit gym. We wanted to be different, in that we wanted the intense workouts, but didn’t see why we couldn’t also have the fun. And not just fun for a few, but an inclusive fun that involved everyone, from the seasoned athletes to the “I’m-brand-new-to-this-and-nervous-as-hell” athletes. It requires a little more work, but it is absolutely worth it – Saturday’s competition was proof of that.

Speaking of proof, here’s just a few of the memorable moments that stuck out to us:

  • A competition that ran on time! (Who knew that was even possible?);


  • Picnics and chatting – it seemed like there was never any downtime, just extra time for socializing;
  • The big slam-ball reveal;
  • The roar from the gym every time the 800m runners would sprint past the garage door opening;


  • Super Heroes anyone?? (Team BM all repping Batman, while the JATB Squat paired up Batman with Justice League cohort Wonder Woman);
  • Squirmy…or Inchy…or whatever the h311 the Inchworms named their mascot;
  • Reggie’s Wig – which he wore for the run…and the ball slams…AND the squats!;


  • DCW-T-F’s Choizilla-Mazinger-Voltron shirts;
  • The Dropkick Burpees – yes the team, but more so that awesome team name;
  • The Bush League repping CFDC as their team Uniform;


  • Epic squat efforts – the entire gym seemed pulse with every rep (including a few PR’s in the middle of a competition!);
  • The irony of the Sun’s Out, Guns Out team not making the finals, which was then marked by an ill-timed rain shower…;


  • Jessi Bellama & Debra Prosnitz gutting it out on the prowlers!;
  • Steve Klocko and the Spirit Award;
  • The mere fact that (as far as we know), Ben & Erica, Richard & Ann, Ethan & Amelia, Dave & Kathy, Nathan & Michael, and John & Jenny, AAAAND Ross & Diana, are all STILL couples, even after having competed on the same teams for an entire day;

and, last but certainly not least…

  • The effort put forth by each athlete through out the day, as evidenced by the final results (which many of you have been waiting for):
2013 Smackdown - Final Results

Thanks to all of you for making it such a fantastic and successful day, because it really is due to you all that it went half as well as it did. No business owner could ask for a better group of people to be involved with.

Speaking of great people to be involved with, if you weren’t here and didn’t get a chance to talk to the great folks from Power Supply, let alone try some of their tasty food samples, don’t worry, as we will be carrying the Power Supply meals from now on, and your first order comes at a discount (provided you order October 3rd!).

Power SupplyGet started by reading this awesome welcome post from the Power Supply team with all the information about how it works, options, ordering, etc. Any orders placed by this Thursday night, September 26th, will arrive here to the gym Monday September 30th. Also, any of you who’ve already submitted the online form should have already received an email from the Power Supply group.

Once again: thank you for making CrossFit DC the community it is, what we hope it will always be.


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