Wednesday October 9
October 8, 2013
Friday October 11
October 10, 2013



2 x

12 Hips to Wall

12 Dolphin Push-Ups

6 Prone Y’s

6 Rolling Split Straddles


Skill – Hollow Position

Roughly 30sec in each position:

  1. hands towards feet, sternum-to-belly button so shoulders are off floor, but keep knees bent with feet on floor;
  2. as above, but with feet off floor and knees into chest;
  3. as above, but with one leg straight;
  4. repeat, with other leg straight;
  5. repeat, with both legs straight; and,
  6. repeat, with both legs straight and arms overhead, in line with ears.


Strength – Good Mornings (20min cap)



Finisher (15min cap)

5rds (NFT) of

5 Three-Count Negative Push-Ups* + 5 Weighted Side Bends/side

* slowly descend while counting to 5-1000

Push-Up Scaling:

  • Scale Down #1 to Knees on the Floor
  • Scale Down #2 to Hands on a Box
  • Scale Up #1 to hands on 10lb bumpers or 15lb bumpers
  • Scale Up #2 to feet on 45lb bumper (in addition to Scale Up #1)


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