October 13, 2013
Tuesday October 15
October 14, 2013


3 Rounds of
30 Jumping Jacks
20 squats
10 Alt T pushups
5 hanging scap retractions


2 rounds/side of:
40 second Lat/Tri stretch w/ band (4×5 second contract/relax)

Skill Work
6 x 5 minute blocks, alternating between of Hand Stand and DU skill levels (with 1 minute transition time in between)

Handstand Levels:

  1. HS hold (scale to wall walkers)
  2. Alt. Shoulder touches facing wall (scale to Pike pushup on toes version)
  3. HS hold drawing knees in to chest (lumbar to wall, load hips) (scale to single knee tuck or HS hold)

Double Under Levels:

  1. Single skips (EVERYONE work single skips first round, after that may jump ahead as applicable
  2. Practice 3 singles/1 DU attempt OR work flight simulator (5,10,15 etc unbroken)
  3. Continue practice OR 3 sets of Max unbroken Double Unders

i.e., start with either 5min of HS Holds or 5min of Single Skips, take 1min to transition to the opposite skill, and follow with 5min of work. Then switch back, but at the next level. If unable to adequately complete the movement at the next level, scale down a level and continue.

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