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CFDC Shout-Outs

Our bi-weekly review about all that’s happening in CFDC land (which will be bi-weekly from here on out!)


Holy cow are we over due for any sort of update about news and events, comings and goings, ups and downs, and general read on the ever growing community that is CFDC! So with that, here’re a few highlights from the past two (okay, really five) weeks at the gym:


Competition Craziness

The craziness seemed to kick off with our own amazingly successful Smackdown, which introduced the entire gym to some new equipment (slamballs and prowlers, anyone?), a new meal supplier (thank you, Power Supply!), and lots of good memories (check out our Smackdown Recap for a few highlights!). A few weeks later, five CFDCers – James Dozier with Adri SpiteriBen Brown with Julia Lam,and Steve Opiyo with a friend and teammate from CF Done Right – took on other locals at the SuperFit DC partner-competition at Trident CrossFit in Alexandria, VA. Not a moment later, six more CFDCers were knee-deep in the weekend-long 6th Annual Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge at CF BWI: veteran master’s competitor Tom Arend, CrossFit-competition newbie Jessi Bellama (who’s showing included an epic 44 pistols in 90seconds on day two), and Team CFDC made up of Dan SamarovJulia LamBen Brown, and Adri Spiteri, who set a tone for consistency and teamwork right out of the gate, and finished the competition 2nd out of 33 teams!


A smiling Team CFDC on the podium

Of course, lest you think we do nothing but CrossFit, the past month also saw CFDC members out taking on the likes of the Nation’s Triathlon (Dave Eckmann, Kathy Wilson, Andrew Feinberg, and Devon Dow), the Ragnar Relay DC (Abbey Swan), and the Army 10-Miler (Isra Pananon and Phil Goodman).


Itching for Some More

Of course, the competition season is just getting started. Be sure to wish the following folks luck at these upcoming events:

  • NOVA Open Olympic Weightlifting Meet (Oct. 26): Debra ProsnitzEwunike AkpanDiana Noyes, Julia Lam, Reggie Wallace, Kevin Turner, Ross Paolino, Martin Pfeifer, and Tom Ellison. Note that the meet is being organized and run by our own Coach Mike Choi!
  • Capital ThrowdownJessi Chrismer and Phil GoodmanDebra Prosnitz and James Dozier, and Devon Dow (competing with CF Foggy Bottom coach Eric Peterson).
  • Marine Corps MarathonScott McGoohan, and…? I know there are others of you out there, so please let us know who you are so we can support you!


Level Up

Speaking of interacting with other CrossFitters outside of the gym, congratulations are in order for our new crop of Level 1 CrossFit certified members: David BlakeCameron KingDoron Petersan, and Peter Petersan.


Welcome Wagon

Of course, while meeting new people and greeting old friends at area events is always great fun, nothing beats welcoming new faces into the gym. If you happen to come across any of our new batch of Elements grads, be sure to introduce yourself and welcome them into the community:

Elements Grads 10-4-13

Elements Class 9/23-10/4

Elements Grads 10-18-13

Elements Class 10/7-10/18

Who’s Supplying Your Power?

Our Power Supply meal delivery is well underway, with meals being delivered every Sunday and Thursday nights. If you missed Power Supply’s welcome post on their blog, which was directed specifically to CFDC members, be sure to give it a read. We were excited to welcome Power Supply into the gym, and have been happy with the positive reviews we’ve been getting so far.


Join the Army!

Finally, be sure to mark your calendars for the Wade’s Army fundraiser! This is the second year of the Wade’s Army workout put on by the CrossFit Football crew, which supports the fight against the pediatric cancer, Neuroblastoma. Pediatric, as in a cancer whose main target is children – young children, most of who are under the age of two.

 Wade's Army Social Media1

The workout is simplistically tough, but the cause is one that we can all get behind. Check out the Wade’s Army page for more information, and be sure to stop by the CrossFit DC fundraising page to help keep us rolling towards our goal of a $1,000. Then mark your calendars for Saturday, November 9th, when we’ll run multiple heats of the workout in honor of the efforts to fight that which fights against our future generations.

We hope that all of you will see fit to put in at least $30 towards meeting our goal of $1000. To donate:

This will be the last fundraising event of the year for CDFC, and we’re hoping to go out on a bang.


Oh, and just in case we haven’t told you lately, thanks again for making the CFDC community what it is.

the CFDC Crew
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