Wednesday, October 30
October 29, 2013
Friday, November 1
October 31, 2013

4 rounds
5 hanging scap retractions
10 V Ups
4 rounds
10 single leg floor touches (alternating legs)
10 squat to bootstrappers

1min/side banded heel cord, anterior bias (BaSL p.385)
2min/side shoulder rotator smash and floss w/ lax ball (BaSL p.250)

5 times through 2 minutes of Pistol work plus 2 minutes of T2B work

Pistol Scaling

  1. sitting to a box (w/ or w/out upright support)
  2. supported on upright
  3. free standing (w/ or w/out counter weight assistance)
  4. weighted free standing (weight held in one hand, or both, in the front rack position)

(many thanks to Jim Bathurst of BeastSkills for the pistol demo photos linked above!)

T2B Scaling

  1. kip swing w/ straight arm elevation (EVERYONE MUST START WITH THIS SCALING OPTION)
  2. knees up (K2E or HKR) w/ focus on closing shoulder and elevating hips
  3. full T2B (may scale to 5 HLR/10 PVC V-Ups)

Prep w/ 1×10 air squats, 1×10 pushups, 1×10 jump squats;
2 minutes max rep Wall Ball

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