Sunday, November 3
November 2, 2013
Tuesday, November 5
November 4, 2013


3 Rounds of
5 squat to bootstrappers
10 dolphin push-ups
15 superman
20 jumping jacks
2 Rounds of
15 side plank reach and squeeze/side

EMOTM for 16 minutes (8 rounds of each exercise), alternating between:
A) 5 HSPU* (scale to 2 wall walkers)
B) 30 DU (scale to 20 Mountain climbers + 20 lateral hops over PVC)
*HSPU can be done up to 2 Ab Mats

3 rounds (NFT, but perform all 3 back to back, then rest)
Max reps seated DB OH press* (neutral palms)
Max strict chins (scale to 10 Ring Rows)
15-20 Resistance Tube Face Pulls
1 minute Rest
*M=1/2 BW, W=1/3 BW; first set must be at least ten reps, if not, lower weight

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