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CFDC Shout-Outs

October 20 to November 13

Our bi-weekly review about all that’s happening in CFDC land

In which: the wind picks up and the weather chills out; the competition season continues unabated, both inside and out; and Wade’s Army leads an assault on CFDC. Intrigued? Read on.

Flags a Flyin

Although they might not be flying in the breeze, surely everyone’s taken notice of our flag collection in the front room. If you haven’t had the time to read the back story of the American flag, please do so – it’s an awesome story, and a great anchor point to the contributions of all our members who are, or have, contributed their service to our country. Wonder who those members are? Take a look at the muster sheets hanging below the flags of each military branch, and you’ll see the names of members who served. And in light of Veteran’s Day this coming Monday, November 11th, we’d like to make a big push to get the names of all our service men and women who haven’t yet signed the rosters!


Well Received

Two weeks since our last Shout Out, and that means a new batch of Elements Grads! So be sure to keep an eye for these fresh new faces in class:

Elements Grads 11-1-13

L-R: Lauren, Angela, Jeff, Patrick, and Colin. (Not pictured: Alex and Rahul)


Off and Running…or Riding


Doron astride her trusty steed, and flanked by faithful!

The glorious weather (that would be before this week’s cold snap) lured a few more CFDCers into the great outdoors these past two weeks. Scott McG., Dave L. and Lauryn D. lead the way, tackling Washington, DC’s own Marine Corp Marathon on October 27th. A week later, Doron P. dusted off her cyclocross bike and got back on the trail for the Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross Race on November 3rd.


Weighted  Down

Meanwhile, a few more CFDC athletes decided their competitive urges were best sated with barbells in their hands. The Capital Throwdown on Saturday, November 2nd, found Devon D. (who paired up with CF Foggy Bottom Coach Eric P.) joined by the veteran team of Debra P. & James D., as well as the rookie team of Jessie C. & Phil G. (both taking part in their first competition ever). Debra and James made a run at the podium, making all the way to the semi-finals, and closing out the day 5th of 33 teams. Meanwhile, newbies Jess and Phil took the competition scene like ducks to water, wrapping up the day in 7th place!


Capital Throwdown camaraderie: no question who these athletes and spectators represent!

Not to be outdone, the DCW crew took the platform by storm last weekend at the NOVA Open, held at NOVA Strength and Conditioning in Springfield, VA, and directed by DCW’s own Coach Mike Choi. The team took nine lifters to the meet, including Debra P., Ewunike A., Diana N., Julia L., Reggie W., Kevin T., Ross P., Martin P., and Tom E. Of course, the meet wouldn’t have gone near as smooth as it did without the all-day volunteer efforts of clock-extraordinaire Kelly M., bar-loading powerhouse Dave E., super-judge Steve O., and Photographer/Videographer/Jill-of-All Trades Steph L.!


DC Weightlifting: fast lifts and permanent smiles

Waiting for More

But of course, the competitive fires haven’t been doused by a mere handful of contests. Although, considering what’s waiting for Cam K. and Alex C. on November 16-17th at the 2013 Toughest Mudder, they may wish for lot’s more fire (hint: 24 hours running through the West Virginia mountains, over-around-and-through myriad obstacles, all during the depth of November!) Be sure to wish them luck!

While Cam and Alex have been busy preparing for their challenge, but there are some challenges that can’t be prepared for. Cancer is one of those challenges. Instead, we can only band together as a group, and help find ways to advance our understanding and combat the disease. This coming Saturday, November 9th, we’re hoping many of you will join us as we wrap up our fundraising efforts on behalf of Wade’s Wings in the fight against Neuroblastoma, a cancer which targets especially young children. The crew at Power Athlete have done a commendable job raising awareness via Wade’s Army, and we’re excited that the CrossFit DC community has stepped up in such a big way in support of their efforts.

 Stay Classy Banners1

To close out the fundraiser, we will be running the workout “Wade” on Saturday, November 9th, starting at 11:30am, with subsequent heats running every 30min. To sign-up, click on the following link, choose your preferred time slot and scaling option, and show up this Saturday ready to sling some dumbbells around!

Sign-Up for “Wade” @ CrossFit DC, Saturday, Nov. 9th

If you haven’t donated, but would still like to, please follow the directions below to contribute to the cause:

It’s been inspiring to watch all the ways our community has come together in the last few weeks: from fresh faces getting involved with competitions, to all the spectators who show up to support them without reward, to the volunteers who give up their days to lend a hand, to a community willing to contribute both money and sweat in support of a great cause.


With sincere thanks,
the CFDC Crew
Lift Smarter, Work Harder, Get Stronger. PROVEN.

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