Sunday, November 10
November 9, 2013
Tuesday, November 12
November 11, 2013


3 Rounds of
10 spider lunges
10 superman w arm retraction
50 Mountain climbers (25/side)


3 rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 scap push-ups
15 V Ups

FGB Style: 3 rounds through the following five exercises, spending 1 minute at each exercise, and resting 1 minute between rounds (may start at any station)

  1. max calorie Row
  2. max rep Lateral Box jump burpees* (18″box/12″box)
  3. max rep Russian KB Swing
  4. max rep Over-the-Shoulder Ball Drops
  5. max rep Toes to Bar (scale to (a) hanging leg raise or (b) V ups)

* performed like a bastard, except landing on the box. No need for full extension. Can scale down in height to 45 or 25 Pb plate. Chest to the Floor and onto the box = 1 rep.

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