Friday, November 15
November 14, 2013
Sunday, November 17
November 16, 2013


3 Rounds of
10 Spider Lunge w/ reach up on both sides
10 push-ups
10 alt Samson lunges
10 side plank reach and squeeze/side
10 OH band pull aparts

Skill Prep
2 rounds of
10 alt shoulder touches (for HSPU option) or 3 kickups (HS hold option)
rest ~1min

Skill Test
1 set max HSPU* or HS hold for max time
*HSPU can be strict or kipping; may use up to 1 ab mat for either option (head must touch mat, but no “crashing” or excessive pressure on the neck & spine – Test may be terminated at coaches’ discretion if deemed unsafe)

Met-Con Prep
1 round of
5 hanging scap retractions
50 jumping jacks
5 hanging scap retractions

5 minute AMRAP
+1 KB Swing (24/16) / +1 CTB Pull-Up*
(ladder up = 1 Swing, 1 Pull-Up, 2 Swings, 2 Pull-Ups, etc.; pull-ups do NOT have to be unbroken)
*Scaling Options: (A) Regular pull-ups (kipping or strict); (B) 5 swings + 5 Ring Rows per round

Met-Con 2 (TEAM, 4-5 ppl)
Once through for time* of
50 Alt team Lunges**
100 ball slams
50 Alt team Lunges
* 1 burpee EMOM (1 @ 1:00, 2 @ 2:00) until all reps are complete
** Team lunges: all teammates in a line arms across shoulders. Each lunge must have everyone


  1. Tom Brose says:

    Great work on a big mix of movements! Watching the teams figure out how to work together was a lot of fun.

  2. Alex Cole says:

    Just noting this for the next time we revisit: Handstand held for 1:27.