Sunday, November 17
November 16, 2013
Tuesday, November 19
November 18, 2013


2 x 40 High Knees in Place (20/side), 20 Spider Lunges (10/side), 20 Supine Scorpions (10/side), 10 Band Pull-Aparts (light weight band)

Mobility: Death Stretch
2 x 30sec in the Chest Up position + 30sec in the Hips Down position on one side, then repeat 2 x 30sec + 30sec on the other side.

Prep Work
3 x 2 Hang Power Clean followed by 4 Box Jumps
– use the prep sets to start working up towards one of the following met-con weights:

M: 155, 135, 115, 95, 75
W: 113, 93, 73, 53, 45, 35 (use 15lb bar for 45 or 35 lb options)

6 x 2min On 2min Off 8 Box Jump + 12 Power Cleans

– Box Jumps are step down only for this workout (RX’d is 24″ for M, 20″ for ladies, but scale as appropriate);
– Every power clean from the floor
– start each round where you left off in the previous round, and keep track of total rounds and reps!




Compare to Thursday, August 8, 2013


  1. Steph Li says:

    I took a rest day last time this workout came up, so I don’t have anything to compare to. That means I PRed, right? 😀

    I used 93# and the weight got heavy quickly. I definitely spent way too much time just staring at the bar. Got 7 rounds plus 8 box jumps and 1 clean. According to Coach Chris, I should’ve done punishment burpees after this performance 🙁

  2. Phil G says:

    It’s always great to revisit old workouts, especially ones that really push me like this one with enough rest to catch my breathe and almost forget about the previous round.

    I used 135# and completed 8 rounds plus 8 box jumps and 7 cleans, which was a significant improvement over my 6 rounds and change last time. Big thanks to Peter Petersan for the encouragement throughout and the reminders to not pull too early with my arms! While I probably still pulled too early, it was a good thing be conscious of and try to avoid, especially in the later rounds.

  3. Brigid says:

    One of the most challenging CrossFit workouts I have done since finishing Elements in early October. I was at 45# and scaled the box height down as well — will have a lovely bruise tomorrow showing what happens when I try to go 18″. Thanks to Chris, I feel much more confident with the Power Cleans now and came in at exactly 7 rounds.

  4. Katie says:

    Coach Chris should try doing this workout with like 2/3+ of his body weight and we can see how many punishment burpees he deserves. 🙂 Steph, that is a total PR and an amazing performance!

    I am really freaking sore today, so I’m actually glad it’s a rest day — though I would have liked to redo this one to see if I could beat my August score! I don’t know, looking back at that white board, August Katie was quite a worthy competitor. You vs. You, right?

    I’ll think of all the 6:30’ers struggling through this as I struggle through a discussion of military strategy in my class tonight.

  5. Devon says:

    First timer… (missed it last time).

    Went with #113 … go big or go home. After heavy squats my legs were not happy with me and I ended up pulling more than using my hips, grrr (work in progress 🙂 )… Or just secretly testing the coaches to see if they are on top of their form correcting and as I suspected …. they’ve still got it!!!

    7 round plus 15 (7 cleans)

  6. Inge says:

    Unfortunately I was not yet a part of Crossfit DC the last time but since I was barely able to do a clean before (thanks for awesome coaching!) I was happy with my effort on this workout 🙂 . I also used 93# and got 6 rounds, 8 box jumps and 4 cleans. It was a good but hard workout and at least for me the transition from cleans to box jumps was really tough…!

  7. Dave E says:

    Looks like I may have gone a little too heavy last time and/or was in bad form with only 4 rounds and 14 reps back in August. This morning, however, I went back after the 135# bar and was able to add a full round to my score and end with 5 rounds and 16 over all reps.

    Felt good the whole time, but I have major issues with stringing together a bunch of cleans, especially at that weight. Much too difficult to maintain proper hand positioning when going so quickly, so I basically have to reset each time before cleaning, which obviously slows me down quite a bit. Oh, and this white guy can’t jump. So there’s that.

    Can’t wait for 6+ rounds the next time through.

  8. Sara says:

    I missed this the first time since it was during my injury and missed it again today for a rest day. I may try to make it up tomorrow during open gym.

  9. Jessie Chrismer says:

    Last time I did 93lb and got 5+14. This time around I got 6+17 again with 93lb. My grip strength has improved immensely. Even though I had to readjust each time after the second round, I was able to cycle through them quicker. And I definitely had to mentally prepare my legs with each transition from the cleans. It’s like they would forget how to jump.

  10. Kenna says:

    UM, I totally got lost on the internet and was trying to comment on this somewhere else. Also, I swear I did this workout, but alas my name isn’t on the board! I’m going crazy. Anyway…

    Box jumps freak me out now. It’s totally in my head, but I opted for a short box (shortest box with a 25lb plate). Since I was skimping on the box, I worked with 53# to be more challenging. I actually really love cleans.

    I redid my math because I know what number I stopped on each round and I actually misreported. I got 7 and 7 box jumps! (which means Kelly finished 7 even – we lost count).

    1st round
    8 box jumps+12 cleans +8 box jumps +1 clean

    2nd round
    11 cleans + 8 box jumps + 6 cleans

    3rd round
    6 cleans + 8 box jumps + 12 cleans

    4th round
    8 box jumps +12 cleans + 3 box jumps

    5th round
    5 box jumps + 12 cleans + 4 box jumps

    6th round
    4 box jumps +12 cleans +7 box jumps

    So 7+7! I felt solid on the cleans today and generally good about this workout, even with the box jumps all up in my head.

    And Steph, don’t listen to Coach Chris, that’s an awesome performance!!

    P.S. If we have to comment I say bring back bad punny titles!!

  11. Dave L. says:

    A great gut check. On first past last August, I had 7+11 at 95lbs. I struggled through the second half of the workout. My grip gave out and my form collapsed, causing me to lose rapid thrust on the bar. Made it to 10+2 on this second pass. Like Jessie, my grip strength improved significantly, allowing me to string reps together late in the game. I also tried to focus on Mike Choi’s constant Sunday refrain for Oly lifts (“back tight, explode through the hips”), which helped save my arms. That being said, my last few cleans were terribly sloppy. Had a great time working with Brian, who calmly pushed me through the reps.

  12. Kelly Mc says:

    I am super satisfied with my 6 rounds 13 reps at 73–even though I don’t have a comparison from August this is huge for me since it’s the first volume workout I’ve done with Olympic lifts since rehabbing my shoulder–woohoo! Thank you to Chris for knowing 73 would be the correct weight (I tried to do 53), next time though will be 93. Best advice of the night–“high elbows!!”

    • Steph Li says:

      Great job, Kelly! All the rehab you’re doing for your shoulder is paying off. I’m always impressed by how dedicated you, Jess Chrismer, Stephen Crim, and Gillette are about the rehab exercises, which we all know can be quite boring.

  13. ISRA says:

    I would just like to say that I am sore today, but only because I started to get tired and was using my arms to pull the bar up in the last 2-3 rounds.

    I did 5 rounds + (I don’t remember) at 73#. I don’t think I have ever cleaned 73# repeatedly (93# is my 1 rep max), and it was HEAVY. I think if I used 53# it would have been too light.

    Oddly, I have been battling a minor sprain in my ankle and it feels good today. Thanks CFDC

  14. Bill B says:

    This was one of my favorite workouts since joining about two months ago. 8+13 @135. The last time I remember doing powercleans with 135 was a WOD that only had like 30 and was fairly tough. This was just *71* more… Next time I’m going for better form and trying to hit the same number of rounds at 155.

  15. Tom Brose says:

    This was one of my favorite workouts the first time, and didn’t disappoint the second go around. There is no way a group could take on this workout without the intensity reaching epic proportions. At least not with our crew! Not only was the energy contagious, but form was looking good, and scores seemed to be up for all repeaters. Fun night!

    Katie, there are a few problems with what you wrote: Chris would enjoy the 2/3 bw cleans AND the burpees.

  16. Sara K. says:

    Ok I’m back with my analysis my performance on this workout. I used 113lbs and finished with 6 rounds plus 4 Box Jumps. Ironically the box jumps felt like rest to me. 113 was very heavy and the cleans were all over the place. Some rounds the early cleans were good and the ones at the end were bad. I didn’t do a great job of stringing more than 2 or 3 together at a time until the last round. I think most of that was due to the fact that I felt like I was having a hard time sinking my hips down for the next rep. As a result, I made a decision to do some when the previous clean felt bad. I hit muscle endurance failure before my grip went each round.

    Dave E. I tried to take note of how I was regripping after reading your comment. I noticed that I tried to make sure my hands were in a good position in the rack before flipping my bar back down so that when I do flip the bar I am able to regain the hook grip during the flip. It is hard for me to try and regain that grip when the bar is already down at the waist. I can show you what I mean the next time I see you in class.