Monday, November 18
November 17, 2013
Wednesday, November 20
November 19, 2013


3 Rounds of
10 scap push-ups
10 squat to bootstrappers
10 supine scorpion
10 OH band pull-aparts

Pendlay Rows 5-5-5-5-3-3-3-3
After each set, do one set of below exercises (alternating each round)

A) 10 DB Powell Raise (after rounds 1,3,5,7)
B) 15 Band Pull-Aparts w/ palms up (after rounds 2,4,6,8)

KB Swings
HR Pushups


  1. Phil G. says:

    Haven’t done these in a while…on the Pendlay Rows, I went 135-155-155-165 for the sets of 5 and 175-185-185-195 for the sets of 3. I really tried to focus on Chris’s reminder to be explosive on the way up but still with the torso, making the arms and shoulder blades do all the work. I got a good amount of flak for using a red band for the pull aparts, but shoulder soreness and just overall lack of strength kept me from using the blue. Used 15# db for the Powell raises – I need to remember to keep my shoulder blade engaged before I rotate.

    Did the metcon in 4:25. Used 28kg kb, but the pushups were more of a limiting factor so I should do 32kg next time.

  2. Steph Li says:

    Rest day today, but I will try to make the work up tomorrow.

    I used to hate pendlay rows, thought they were pointless, but then I realized they were helpful in learning to engage my upper back, which is essential in pull-ups and something I’m still working on. In addition to activating the upper back before each row, Coach Sara had a good cue for me last time we did these – setting up with the arms perpendicular to the ground instead of rocking too far back or leaning too far forward. The better set-up helped me focus more on my upper back instead of having to readjust my hip position mid-rep.

    The powell raises are extremely hard for me. I think I used 7.5lbs last time and was struggling. Hope to do better tomorrow.

  3. Inge says:

    I had never tried pendlay rows before today but since I really want to work on pull-ups it seams that it is a great exercise. The combination of the pendlay rows, powell raise and band pull-uparts was definitely challenging for my upper back that feels very sore after the workout this morning.
    In the met-con I got through the first round relatively quick but in the last two rounds I was struggling with the tough hand release pushups..

  4. Tom Brose says:

    Inge, the rows and assistance movements will definitely help develop the pullups. A focus on shoulder girdle stability and balanced musculature will not only help you to express the strength you have, you’ll be able to train more, and SAFELY! Nothing slows down progress like an overuse injury, and these will help prevent imbalances that cause problems.

  5. Katie says:

    I love Pendlay rows! I worked from 35# to 70# on those, and 70# felt somewhat challenging but not too much, and I’m fairly sure I didn’t heave at all. I started with my hips a little too high, so I need to remember that, and keeping a neutral head. Powell raises are definitely hard, used 5#….but the toughest part of this workout was keeping track of rounds! :o)

    Metcon went okay, I subbed pull-thrus for the swings and did HR push-ups from my knees. Chris corrected my arms, which were way too far in front of me and caused them to flare out even more. My bad. I tried to keep my arms in and not snake up, always a challenge with push-ups. I finished in 4:26.

  6. Sara K. says:

    I love Pendlay rows too Katie!!!! I worked up to 118lbs and went with 10lb DB for the Powell raises. I was most excited by the metcon. I am very good at swings but pushups have always been tough for me. I hit muscle failure so quickly with pushups. Today was the first time I completed 21 unbroken swings with a 24kg KB. I tried to go unbroken on all sets to make up for the extra time I was taking on pushups but number 13 of 15 was a little wobbly so I had to make the safe choice by putting the kettlebell down and resetting. I finished in 4:28 or 4:29 (couldn’t see the clock that well). I was really happy with the swings.

  7. Jessie Chrismer says:

    I did 53-73-83-93, then 103 for all the sets of three Pendlay rows. By the last set, my pull wasn’t as explosive nor reaching as high as I would’ve liked. I’ve been working on strengthening these areas personally for the last couple months due to a shoulder injury. I still have a long ways to go.

  8. Julia says:

    I do not love Pendlay rows. In part because I’ve never quite gotten the hang of it (CONTROL, JULIA, CONTROL), and in part because, like Steph, I haven’t really understood the point. I trust that the coaches know far better than I do what’s useful and what’s not, though, at the end of the day! Engaging the upper back certainly sounds like a worthy cause. Saw some good reps all around me yesterday!