Friday, November 22
November 21, 2013
Sunday, November 24
November 23, 2013


2 x 1 Inch Worm in Place, 10 Squats, 1 Inch Worm in Place, 10 Alt-T Push-Ups

Prep 1
as a class, complete roughly 5 sets of pause clean extension

Prep 2
3 x 2 Pause Extension Hi-Pull

Work Sets


5 x 2 + 2 C&J; 4 x 2 + 1 C&J
(1 Power Jerk + 1 Split Jerk for the first five sets, then 1 Power Jerk for last four sets)


4 x 2 + 2 C&J; 3 x 2 + 1 C&J (up to 90% of max)
(1 Power Jerk + 1 Split Jerk for the first 4 sets, then Split Jerk for last three sets)

AMRAP in 8 minutes of 5 Strict Pull-ups, 10 Push-Ups, 20 Russian Twist


  1. Jessie Chrismer says:

    I came in late in the afternoon and got a lot of great tips from Coach Mike. The ones he gave for the initial setup are to begin with flat feet, tight scaps/back, and loose arms. Also, to keep your chest over the bar as much as possible. And finally, maybe more specifically for me, I need to keep the bar close and pull my elbows high. Thanks again for all the help!

  2. Katie says:

    Jessie, I’m pretty sure everyone needs to be reminded to keep the bar close and have high elbows. :o)

    I had fun working with Melissa and Angela, even though apparently we were a little slow. Got a good tip from Coach Sara about tucking the tailbone and squeezing the shoulder blades to avoid overarching on my setup. Coach Mike reminded me I don’t need to keep my hook grip for the jerk. Right. I worked up to 68# and got 1 clean, failed on the second, then got some help from Mike to rack the bar and did a jerk with no problem. I was happy because that’s the most I’ve lifted in quite a while.

    I took it easy on the metcon pace, challenging myself with as few bands as possible on the pull-ups. I subbed whatever those oblique-killer bend things are called for the Russian twists, and they were effective because my obliques are still sore.