Saturday, November 23
November 22, 2013
Monday, November 25
November 24, 2013


2 Rounds of
50 jumping jacks
40 mountain climbers
30 band Good Mornings
20 squats
10 dead bugs/side


1 minute squat hold
1 minute toad squat
1 minute single leg flexion w/ ER each side
1 minute toad squat
1 minute squat hold

Back Squat – 20 Rep Max
1 x 10 w/ bar
1 x 10 @ 25%
1 x 10 @ 35%
1 x 5 @ 50%
1 x 5 @ 55%
1 x 5 @ 60%
1 x 5 @ 65%
Attempt set of 20 reps anywhere between 65-80% of your 1 RM

A true 20 rep max is as much of a gut check as there is in strength training. It is essential to maintain posture and keep tightness throughout upper back and core. Use breathing to pace your reps and brace core. A traditional approach is to take a single breath in at the top of each rep for the first 10 reps, then add a second breath (exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and hold for squat) for reps 11-15. As you complete the last 5 reps, use a 3 breath count at the top of each rep. You must keep bar pulled tight to upper back with lats engaged.

Partner Met-Con
10 Rounds total* of
10 Single Arm DB Snatch
20 Ab Mat Situps
10 burpees

*Partners alternate exercises in order: A does Snatches, B does Sit-Ups, A does burpees (one round complete), then B does Snatches, A does Sit-Ups, B does Burpees (2 rounds complete), etc. until 10 total rounds are complete


  1. Jessie Chrismer says:

    Made it to 153lb for the 20 count. Everything felt good throughout, but I should work on my breathing and my pace. I came out of it a lot more spent than I realized I would. It was hard work!

  2. Kenna says:

    Whew! My legs are jelly.. I went for 83# for the 20 reps and only made it to 17… I had to finish the last 3 separately :-/ I’m still working on correcting my form, which is emphasizing the need for a solid core. No twerking allowed!!

  3. Katie says:

    This was a really rough squat day. I did front squats and worked up to 43# to focus on form….my hips just want to rise early, and I have to fight it so much every time and focus on pushing my elbows up. I barely feel the work in my legs, it’s all the hips and core. It’s really frustrating….I guess we all have our goats, I just wish mine wasn’t squatting. Kenna, we’ll hold each other accountable on not twerking!

    It was so awesome working with Lizzy, who made both squats and burpees look easy. We were so close to finishing the metcon, I got 19.5 sit-ups and we just had Lizzy’s burpees to go, which she finished after time was called.