Monday, November 25
November 24, 2013
Wednesday, November 27
November 26, 2013


2 Rounds of
10 Lunge-n-Twist
10 Push-Ups
10 Supine Scorpion
10 Spider Lunge with Same Side Reach-Up
10 Plank-to-Squat

Strength – Turkish Get Up
4-3-2-1 each side (alternate hands each rep)
– 20 minute time cap

15 Minute EMOM, alternating between the following three exercises (i.e., 5 rounds of each)

A) 5 Ring Dips
– Scale up to 10 ring dips (you must be able to complete 10 unbroken ring dips for all rounds, either by kipping or strict)
– Scale down to 5 band assisted (use least assistance you can get away with
B) 10 Hollow Rocks
– scale to 15+ second hollow hold
C) 10 single-arm DB Renegade rows (alternate hands each rep)


  1. Julia says:

    I liked Coach Tex’s emphasis on anti-rotation, starting from the warmup on. Definitely something I struggled with, especially on Turkish getups. Trying to muscle the weight around only gets you so far! As Tex said, ‘lifting the weight is not just lifting the weight.’ Or something like that! Got a little hard to hear over the ‘N Sync + Backstreet Boys…

  2. Steph says:

    90’s pop was great! Don’t lie, Julia, you were singing in your head!

    Tex also had a really good point about not letting the leg that’s straight on the floor rock you up with the first movement of the TGU. I definitely have trouble keeping that leg down when the weight gets heavy, so it was really good to focus and work on that today.

    Ring dips were tough today. On the 4th and 5th round, I didn’t get through all 5. The renegade rows were also significantly more difficult when focusing on anti-rotation that Tex stressed throughout class today.

  3. Julia says:

    I was DEFINITELY singing in my head.

  4. Katie says:

    I’m kind of jealous of the 90s pop. Although from Dave L’s previous comments, I would worry about James (and probably some others) being too distracting while singing.
    TGUs went all right, I went from 10-20#. I got a little off-balance with the last two but not too bad. I focused on trying to reach my hand to the side, not behind me. My quads are feeling these today.
    Renegade rows really emphasized how much weaker my left side was…I really had to stabilize to get that weight up. Chris gave me a good cue to keep the weight closer to my midline, particularly on my weak side, to make it a little easier. Ring dips with a band just feel awkward to me, I’m not sure if I was doing those right.
    Safe travels to everyone traveling today! And for those of you staying in town, see you tomorrow — I can’t wait!