Thursday, November 28
November 27, 2013
Saturday, November 30
November 29, 2013


Thanks to everyone who joined us for our annual Thanksgiving Workout yesterday. Following the theme of the last two years, nearly 40 CFDCers earned their T-Giving feasts to suffer through a “Hero & a Girl” combo workout. Be sure to check out yesterday’s blog post for an update of what the workout entailed.

Now then, to task at hand.

2 Rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 spider lunges
10 supine scorpion
10 arm circles each direction
20 band good mornings


1 minute single leg flexion w external rotation each side
1 minute Lat/ tri stretch w band each side

3 Rounds each, Begin a round every 3 minutes:

A) Row 500 M
B) 20 Ball Slams
C) 50 Ab Mat Sit-Ups (un-anchored)
D) 20 burpees


  1. Katie says:

    I didn’t eat THAT much yesterday to warrant a 36 minute workout!! (Okay, that’s a lie.)
    I’m looking forward to this in some sick way. I suppose I’m just glad others will get to experience the joy and pain that is going from rowing to ball slams.

  2. Tom says:

    Jenny Timmer is not impressed