Friday, November 29
November 29, 2013
Sunday, December 1
November 30, 2013


3 x 6 Spider Lunges w/ same side reach-up, 6 PVC Disclocates, 6 PVC OHS, 6 Sotts Press

Prep 1
As a class, ~6 pause extension w/ PVC
Concentrate on Set-Up:

  1. hips down,
  2. shoulders back,
  3. chest up,
  4. bar over the base of the toes (not against the shins)

Prep 2
3 x 2 Pause Extension Hi-Pull + 4 OHS



5 x 1 Power Snatch + OHS;
5 x 1 Snatch


4 x 2 Snatch;
3 x 1
– up to 90% of max

Partner Met-Con
10->1 DB Clean & Press; then 1->10 Dumbbell Burpees
– clean and strict press (not push press);
– dumbbell burpee = chest to the floor with hands on dumbells, jump the feet up, and then stand holding the dumbbells (no jumping)


  1. Steph says:

    I jumped in for the metcon with the 11:30 class and teamed up with Jessi. I haven’t done a metcon in a week so I was worried that I would slow Jessi down, so I almost killed myself trying not to disappoint her! We went with 25lb dbs and finished in 13 something. Thanks for being my teammie, Jessi!

    Saw some good improvements on OHS and snatches today. Good job everyone!

    Now I’m ready for lots of meat and more pie!

  2. Katie says:

    I was sorry to miss work on snatches, but my glues and abs were so freaking sore this morning after last night’s fun — definitely a rest day. Plus, 60 burpees in a 24-hour period is more than enough for me!