Saturday, November 30
November 29, 2013
Monday, December 2
December 1, 2013


Hall to wall inchworm;
3 Rounds of
30 jumping jacks
10 superman
10 alt samson lunges
10 hips to wall
10 dead bugs

Strength (Time cap of 40 Min)
Good Morning
Alternate between the following exercises after each set of GMs:

A) near max prone hollow hold (after rounds 1,3,5,7)
B) 20 windshield wipers (after rounds 2,4,6,8)

Accessory #1
10 x 2 Sumo Deadlifts at 40-50% of max effort DL
2-3 to a bar, quick rotation through the lifts; Focus on set up and lifting chest before the bar moves.

Accessory #2
3 Rounds (NFT)
5-8 KB Windmills each side


  1. Katie says:

    “No metcon? This shouldn’t be too bad!” I really should know better by now. After I got home I realized how tired I was after this!
    I worked with Melissa and Megan and worked up to 83# on the GMs. Sara noticed me shifting early on and I tried to remedy that with varying levels of success….Chris noticed I was shifting pretty badly on my third set of 5 (even though I was trying to fight it), so I called it there. Sumo DL at 63# — felt pretty good! KB windmills with the 15# KB, and then I tried a bonus set of 3 each side with 26# and was able to do it without too much trouble. It’s weird how heavy the KB feels until you have it locked out overhead, then somehow it feels lighter?!? I can do KB windmills because for once I’m allowed to shift my hips!!! 🙂
    Definitely feeling this one in my hamstrings today — hopefully no one will make fun of me for walking funny.

  2. Steph says:

    I really enjoyed yesterday’s class – not because it was the most brutal class, but it had things that I know I need to work on and haven’t done in a long time.

    Many thanks to Sara for watching me on my good mornings. I hyper-arch on a lot of things and good mornings are one of them. Sara’s cue for me to push into the belt not just in the front but also on the side was really helpful. My last set of 5 was at 103. Tried 113 for two reps and decided to rack it when I felt that I couldn’t control the arching anymore.

    I haven’t done DLs in centuries and decided to give Sumo DLs a try because of the more upright body position. They went surprisingly well, which made me really happy. My hip is a little tight today but no pain, so it’s probably more from my body not used to doing that movement than anything. I’m looking forward to working on them again!

    Windmills went well also. I remember when we were first introduced to them in the park back in Kalorama, I had trouble with the 8kg, so it felt good to be able to use the 16kg yesterday.