Sunday, December 1
November 30, 2013
Tuesday, December 3
December 2, 2013


3 rounds of
5 dive bomber pushups
10 pause squats
5 reverse hand pushups
10 alt single leg bird pickers

Front Squat

3 Rounds of

:45 Max Reps Thrusters (M:105/75; W:73/53)*
:45 REST
:45 Max Rep single arm DB Snatches (M:1/4 BW; W:1/6 BW; Alt arms, DB from floor)
:45 REST

* Keep thrusters light and focus on efficiently working through 45 second interval unbroken


  1. Scott says:

    Good Mornings! – This pic needs a beard :O)
    Good workout yesterday. Thanks to Reggie for pushing our group out of the comfort zone.

  2. Jessie C. says:

    Made it to 163lb on the set of two front squats. Then did full cleans and over the shoulder ball drops for the met con. My squat cleans were dirty. Need to keep working on technique and not pulling too soon (thanks, Peter).

  3. Kara McIver says:

    Front squats to 128#, 53# thrusters & 25# DB snatches.

    Great workout to get back into after a few lazy days at home (and at least 2 food comas).

  4. Dray says:

    Got to work with Steve on his… first? or at least early class out of elements – welcome! He started light on the squats but had caught me by the time we hit the set of 2. Some day I’m going to be there consistently enough on squat days to make progress on them but not yet (not this month for that matter)! Thrusters were awful as always but 45 seconds was a good interval to keep moving.

  5. Sree B. says:

    Love squat days! Although I did not hit a PR this time, I was able to pull off two reps of my previous PR (145lbs) in the last set!

    I did have to correct my form a few times though, and I wanted to share below how it helped.
    – Tight Core: Helped me maintain good form and it felt much easier standing up (coming out of the squat)
    – Heels planted: I was leaning forward on my toes and I had to plant my heels firmly
    – Chest up, back straight, elbows up: Trying to maintain good form again. This helped tremendously during the last set, and I didn’t bail.
    – Slightly wider stance: I started out with my feet less than shoulder width apart, and had to slightly widen my stance in order to squat deeper.

    I did have two questions about the workout, and would love your input:
    1. Whats the best wrist position to hold the bar in place?
    2. Whats the best way to breath in and out? I found that tightness in my core was affected by breathing and I had to adjust accordingly.

  6. Sara K says:

    Ok I’m a little slow on commenting. Before class I worked up to heavy (95%) Snatch and C&J. Then during class I did my 10-8-6-4-2 at the following weights 113-133-153-158-168. Roughly 65%-75%-85%-90%-95% of my max Front Squat. I went with 73lbs on the thrusters and 35lb on the DB Snatches (I actually picked up a 40lb but was too tired by that point to use it). The trusters were slow but I focused on keeping the bar racked the entire 45 seconds. I think my max thrusters was 14 and min was 10. I got between 14 and 18 Snatches each round.

  7. Sara K says:

    Sree – For question 1 – wrist positon are you referring to front squats or thrusters? there is a transition that should occur as you are on the way up from the squat. at about 3/4 or the way you want to start to drop your elbows down to your push-press positon in order to transition from a front squat directly to a push press. If you are referring to just front squats then it is less about wrist position and more about ensuring that your chest/shoulders are bearing the weight of the bar in the front rack position. You might often hear one of the coaches say to open your hands and and let the bar roll back into your fingers. This helps you carry the weight on your chest rather than it sitting heavy in your hands. If your elbows are high and the bar is in your fingertips it is likely that your wrists will be pretty far bent backwards (similar to the position of the reverse hand push-ups done during the warm-up.

    For Question 2. – You will want to take a deep breath into your diaphragm before starting a rep and hold it until you finish that rep.

    I am sure Chris and Tom can provide additional comments on breathing and wrist position.