Monday, December 2
December 1, 2013
Wednesday, December 4
December 3, 2013


2 rounds of
30 seconds Jumping jacks
30 seconds high knees
30 seconds mountain climbers
3 rounds of
5 hanging scap retractions
10 spider lunges
5 OH band pull aparts
10 V ups

Strength (30 Min time cap)
6 Rounds (NFT) of
Max rep strict Chin-Ups (scale to 2 negatives/round)
Alternate between the following after each set:

A) 10 Toes in Ring Pike Ups (after sets 1,3,5)
B) 10 DB/KB Get Up sit-ups, 5/side (after sets 2,4,6)

6 minute AMRAP of
12 burpees
12 KB swings


  1. Steph says:

    This was a good workout! I was sufficiently tired after class that I had to eat my lunch at 9am just to recover.

    Chris made a good point about taking enough time to rest in between sets of chin-ups to really try to get that last rep with some struggle. I think that helped set my mind to not give up too early. On a couple of the last chin-ups, I definitely felt like I was not moving at all while I struggled, but I won! It was pretty awesome to see Brian M. squeeze out those last couple of reps too.

    The db get-up sit-ups were interesting. My first time doing those. I wasn’t sure how slow the movement should be going down as it seemed like there were varying speeds in class, so I stuck with a really light db since I wasn’t going down vertebrae by vertebrae.

  2. Sara VDH says:

    Aaaaah…this looks awesome (and awful…so many burpees). Wish I could come!

  3. Dray says:

    With Mackenzie pushing me on I just barely hit 5 chin-ups by the end of the 6th set (11-7-7-5-6-5) which is probably going to hurt a bit tomorrow. Thanks, Steph, for the early post emphasizing rest; it really helped to keep that in mind going into this planning to use the full time. I wasn’t too sure about the sit-ups, either, but it felt like I had them under control coming back down so I think that went well.

    Then… burpees. So many burpees… So this was a fun one – a nice and slow pace for the first 50 minutes followed by 6 minutes of pure pain shared with Dave L.

  4. Dave L. says:

    I enjoyed the strict chin-up routine, although I still am falling short of my goal to get into double digits – 9, 8, 7, 8, 7, 6. (Many thanks to D-Blake for the encouragement along the way.) Of course, Steph spotted me across the gym as I craned my chin over the bar on a middle set, and suitably admonished me for poor technique. In the last two sets, I focused my eyes straight ahead on an object, which ensured a neutral head posture. Worked with Dray on the kettlebell/burpee met con, which was shockingly awful. Perhaps I am still getting over my cold? Perhaps my body is still stuck in its sedentary Thanksgiving state? But this one took me down.

  5. Julia says:

    Also stuck with a lighter DB on the get-up situps and just tried to go slow. Or, well, just tried to do what the people around me – Nick DiG and Jon Ski – were doing, so if I was off, I blame you all entirely! :o)

    12 burpees and 12 kb swings at a time were… not few.

  6. John T says:

    Oof, this was a tough one. I thought the toe in ring pikes were a great core workout — really felt the difficulty in maintaining form as I came out of the pike. Chinups were difficult but the rest helped. The problems really came in the metcon — like Dave, I felt surprised at how difficult it was. I had to stop a couple of times just to catch my breath before the kb swings (I went a bit heavy on the KB which probably had an impact). Maintaining proper form on the KBs got quite challenging as fatigue set in.

  7. Katie says:

    I did chin-up negatives which started deteriorating around the second rep of the 4th round. I switched to singles for the last 2 rounds, but those were still faster than I would have liked. I enjoyed the sit-up get-ups, which were a nice challenge. I had trouble holding the ring pikes because it was a lot of pressure on my lower back, so Chris switched me to those weird “evil wheel” things, which were still tough but felt better.
    I’m SO glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who struggled with the metcon! I was so tired yesterday, and the burpees just slaughtered me, moreso than usual…plus my shoulders were fatigued from the chin-up negatives, so pushing up on the burpees was rough. I went home, ate dinner, and went right to bed!