Friday, December 6
December 5, 2013
Sunday, December 8
December 7, 2013


2 x 12 Lunge & Twist, 12 Alt Bird Dog Push-Ups, 12 Superman w/ Arm Retraction

Prep Set #1
as a class, perform ~8-10 reps of unweighted Power Jerk + Split Jerk from Power Jerk Position*
* alternate which leg is forward each time (so right leg, then left leg, etc.)

Prep Set #2
2 x 2 Drag to Hang Power Clean + 2 Jerk (1 Power + 1 Split)
– bar only for the first set, then light weight for the second set

Work Sets

5 x 2 + 2
5 x 2 + 1

3 x 2 + 1;
5 x 1 + 1
Up to 95% of max; PR attempts strongly discouraged – weight should be heavy but successful!

3 x 30 On, 30 Off of
– DB Push Press;
– Box Side Steps;
– Sit-Ups (butterfly);
– Burpees;
– Russian Twist


  1. Kenna says:

    Did 83# on my final clean/push jerk. It was relatively easy to get the weight overhead, but my stabilization felt a little wobbly up top. I thought I would have more trouble on cleans. It was challenging but solid. Still working on my balance for the split jerks. I feel more natural on my right but my left lands in better form!

    • Katie says:

      That’s awesome, Kenna, congrats!! I better stop missing C&J days if I want to catch you! 🙂

  2. Dray says:

    Had to jump into this workout before heading out to the SuperFit competition where we got to watch several CFDCers absolutely kick ass. I can’t imagine doing workouts over a 12 hour stretch so survival alone was impressive and they all did much more than survive.

    Worked up to 125# on the C&J which pushed my jerk near my max but the cleans were still feeling good. After finishing the sets I threw in another heavier clean and at 135# that’s as heavy as I’ve gone I think, but as long as I followed directions (HIGH ELBOWS!!!) the bar still popped up without me even dropping under much.