Saturday, December 7
December 6, 2013
Monday, December 9
December 8, 2013


3 Rounds of
10 pause squats
10 Alt-T push-ups
10 OH band pull aparts
10 band good morning
10 supine scorpion
3-2-1 band X-walk*
*standing w/ band around feet, holding taught at chest. Step to wide stance against tension, return to neutral = 1 step. 3 steps to left, 3 right, 2 to left, etc.

1 minute death stretch per side
1 minute single Leg flexion w/ ER each side
1 minute squat hold

Strength – Back Squat
1 x 10 w/bar
1 x 5 @ 35%
1 x 5 @ 50
1 x 5 @ 65%
1 x 5 @ 75
3 x 5 @ 80%

3 Rounds NFT
10 KB Single Leg DL
10 Bulgarian Split Squats per leg


  1. Katie says:

    Great to get back in the gym after 4 days off. Luckily I got to spend quality time with many CFDCers yesterday as we watched our fellow athletes kicking ass at SuperFit! Congrats to everyone, you all make me proud to wear a CFDC T-shirt.
    This morning my hips shifted a lot when I attempted both front squats and good mornings (as an alternate). I was not happy. But the positive was that Chris told me I’m bending my knees before reaching my hips back, which is pitching me forward. I need to concentrate on reaching my hips back (like I’m sitting down) and make sure my knees aren’t bending first.
    Great to do SL DLs and BSS, though my butt is going to be sore tomorrow. I hadn’t done either in a while, and this reminded me that I need to do SL DLs more often to strengthen my hips. I got away from doing these and I think it’s hurt me. I’ll work on doing them consistently over the next months.

  2. Dray says:

    I had my first good day of squatting in 6 months today! Working with Dave sets a high standard so when the first shot at the weight I’ve been using generally as an 80% target – 135# – felt good for 5 reps, I ended up bumping up to 145# for the last set and it wasn’t bad. I’ve been holding steady at about the same squat for a while so after missing so much of the last cycle it felt good to make some progress and feel like more is coming. Now to try to keep that steady through the rest of December which will continue to alternate travel week with workout week.
    Also the split squats hurt. It made my legs more wobbly than the back squats by far and I think my quads (which really hurt on the leg that was propped up) will be yelling at me tomorrow. Luckily the flight I had tonight was cancelled so I don’t have to immediately go hang out on a plane for a few hours and can keep moving a bit at least.

  3. Reg (CFDC ODB) says:

    *Any* day where CFDC has squats on the menu *is* a good day for me! 🙂

    I worked with Alex (who was visiting from Philadelphia). My progression was as follows
    1 x 10 w/bar
    1 x 5 @ 115#
    1 x 5 @ 160#
    1 x 5 @ 210#
    1 x 5 @ 240#
    3 x 5 @ 260#

    All sets felt great, and I believe that I achieved proper depth (for me, anyway) on each rep.

    I *really* need to retest my one-rep maximum. 🙂

    I really liked performing the split squats (should do more of these in my downtime) and the single-leg kettlebell deadlifts.

    Post-class: I survived the road conditions and made it Winnie’s Iyengar yoga class. There was a lot of good hip, shoulder, and back stretching in that class.

    As of this writing, I am really “feeling it” in my quads and glutes. Squats never hurt so good! 😀